Smaller, Lighter. Video!

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Sanyo is known for leading the way in technologies that are fun and lend a hand at keeping family memories.  I've seen many digital cameras but the specs. of this model really impress me.

The Sanyo Xacti HD1000 weighs a light 9.5 oz. and is only around 16.6 cu. in. so this model really will be a smaller and lighter version of what you have seen.  Not only that, but Sanyo also packed it full of good features like the high-speed image processing engine (for full HD data), ergonomic design, low power consumption and a great 2.7" display to view your video as you shoot it.

It also will take 4-megapixel still images in digital for those snapshot moments.  Visit Sanyo for more details and check note the image stabilization and manual control options for you semi-pro movie makers out there.

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