"My New Year's Resolutions Bag" Giveaway

Another New Year, another set of resolutions. Not that you want to drop any hints that their ways need changing, but a good nudge in the right direction never hurt anyone. This holiday season, give them little gifts they'll enjoy throughout the year. Since we're in the Christmas spirit, Techie Diva and Firebox will be giving away a bag full of all the goodies on this list. So if you're feeling lucky, send us an email (firebox at techiedivas.com) with your New Year's resolution to enter your name in the drawing taking place on January 5th. We really, really want to help you keep your new year's resolutions.

 Resolution #1: Being on Time to Work
Having trouble waking up in the morning? Night owls need a friend like Clocky who's ready to get their butt out of bed. When Clocky gets tired of you pushing the snooze button, it sounds off and leaps off the table forcing you to get out of bed on time. Believe me when I say this alarm clock is persistent. He rotates his body around, hiding the snooze button from view, while he wildly scoots around your floor looking for a place to hide. Talk about determination! Clocky is the perfect gift for any sleepy head! Find it at Firebox for $49.99.

 Resolution #2: Turning off My Cell Phone at the Movies
Moshi Monsters are more than cell phone charms, these guys are actually pretty useful in places where phone calls or ringing mobiles are not allowed. Keeping yourself and your mobile out of trouble is easy with Moshi Monsters. The funky aliens flash and spin when you get new calls or text messages even if your phone's ringer is off.. When you can't get enough Moshi Monster action, just pop over to its virtual world where it lives and plays well with others. Moshi Monsters retail for $9.95 over at Firebox.

Resolution #3: Keeping Make-up Off My Cell Phone
 Don't you hate a leaving prints and smudges all over your mobile's screen? I love the iPhone, but hate the dirty screen. Is not often that we see a dual-purpose phone charm, but Fonies are more than adorable plush animals that hang from your cell phone. These little guys are actually soft enough to clean your screen, so you can say bye-bye to make-up smudges on your celly.

Resolution #4: Be Sexier, Naughtier
Tis the season to be naughty! The innocent looking Raunchy Wrapping Paper will no doubt surprise the person opening the gift. It's nice and stripey on one side, and downright naughty on the other. How naughty? Well, lets just say you don't wrap your Mom's presents with this wrapping paper, unless you want to ruin Christmas. It's perfect for sexy parties or Valentines! Firebox $4.95

Resolution #3: Be More Eco-Conscious
Save the planet and show your hippie friends just how eco-conscious you are with this beautiful bag made from recycled juice bags. Just because you love the planet, doesn't mean you can't look fashionable. This funky bag is made from recycled juice cartons, and its sales help women living in impoverished communities. It's a great accessory to take to the beach or the store, and the best part is you're keeping pretty juice boxes from going to waste. You go girl! Retails for $19.95 at Firebox.

Note: This offer is only open to U.S. residents over the age of 18. No exceptions. Winner will be chosen at random.

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