Archos 30GB WiFi, Portable Video

Looking for a hot holiday gift for someone that loves music and videos, and you're tired of the old iPod video designs and boring selection screens, then look no further than the Archos 605 WiFi Portable Video Player.  Has the ability to record your favorite TV shows, along with downloading music videos or movies, too.

With 30 GB of space (this means you can store up to 40 movies, 300,000 photos or 15,000 songs, they say) for your most loved stuff and a touch-screen for easy menu navigation,this video player looks fun to use and easy to enjoy. 

High-resolution graphics and Mac-compatible functions make this a great choice for most anyone on your list this year.  Maybe you want to add it to your own wishlist?  The only downside to this wonderful video player is that many complain you have to buy plug-ins and additional accessories that they assumed would be included in the price. 

At around $300 I suppose you expect them to give a little bit more...but if you're happy with customizing your needs after the purchase, take a peek at this player.  Other capacities are available on the Archos site, too.

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