Make It Last Longer

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A company by the name of  Clairvoyante is working to make the battery life of your favorite gadgets longer.  How does this technology work?

Changing the intensity of your background is easy enough, but this company wants to make your display use bigger pixels.  This would allow for more light to enter so that your whites are whiter, your blacks are blacker, and smaller fonts will appear more clear to you.

These PenTile pixels are 33% larger than your current pixels so that makes things very different in design and brings about the change that we all would like our eyes to see.  With all the compact designs coming in this would be a great addition to most anything in the gadget world.

In 2008, you will probably see this technology incorporated into your favorite electronics.  Check the Technology Review site for more details about what this company is doing to improve your viewing and battery life.

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