Would you like a Cosmotini with that Bravia?

Some girls love pink gadgets, and for them Sony has created the ultimate viewing experience with a 32-inch Bravia LCD in Cosmo Pink. Imagine watching re-runs of Sex and the City on your swanky pink TV, and sipping a very hot pink Cosmotini to boot.  The new LCD has incredible features such as a light sensor that adjusts screen brightness to match the ambient lighting in the room, a freeze function that lets you freeze recipes, phone numbers, or pictures of David Beckham in soccer action in a separate screen, front surround sound, an Emmy Award winning on-screen navigation system, and you can even add Bravia's Internet Video Link module (sold separately) to stream Internet videos to your TV using a broadband connection. You can pre-order yours starting on October 31, so mark your calendar ladies, before you forget to treat yourself with one this Halloween.Img_1897

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