Pixifun with Photos

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I love digital photography and these days it's so much easier to display your fun work to others.  This collection of different ideas from Pexagon has me picking out gifts for myself and my friends.

Pixifun items start at .99 and are neat ways to share your favorite photos.  One of the choices being a 6 Photo Key Ring Set, which is double-sided (display 12 photos) and your favorite photos can be on one key chain.  You can also choose a magnet set of 5 frames that will allow you to display your photos on a school locker or on the fridge.

Along with these is also a neat little photo album that includes 60 photo stickers and a CD that will help you with instructions on how to line your photos up expertly.  Also in this fun collection is a set of 10 Photo ID Badges that you can do many different things with, like display your business logo or names of people attending a meeting.  Or, even more fun, your pets photo can go on them and they can be placed on a backpack or bag.

I've always loved making my own CDs to play in my car or at home with my personal collection, and Pexagon also has this CD/DVD Label Kit that will give you an easy way to organize your CDs and label them accordingly.  You can also choose the Photo Phone Charm Kit and make cute little dangles for your cellphone or your friends. 

I love the sturdiness of the products and the ease of printing
options.  With included programs that will make your creations even
easier to complete, you will find yourself having fun while creating
new projects. 

Pexagon also offers these fun creative ways to display
your photos at
very affordable prices so that you could buy them in bulk and make use
of them in many different settings whether it be at work for your
business or for personal enjoyment.

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