Halloween is Coming

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I love good decorations, and what better way to display them than in the windows of your home.  With full-color, high resolution window displays set for Halloween, you can be the talk of the town (or at least your street).  These use the lights of your house on the inside to create a nice look on the outside and during the day, the outside lights up and displays the same for you on the inside of your home.

These translucent window posters create a neat display and come in all sizes and colors to match your decorating ideas for the upcoming holiday.  I, of course, would choose the lovely Cat Eyes design for my windows.  They are see-thru so you can turn a few choice lights on and choose from candy corns, witches and skeletons to display.  Other designs were found on the site so you're not limited to just these.

Re-usable and easy to display, the posters run around $10-15 a set and they are 35" x 60" in size so they fit all standard window sizes.

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