Camping With TV


The gadget lover in me tries so hard to hide when I enter into the world of camping and rugged outdoor activities.  I do realize, though, that many still love to take their favorite hobbies with them.  Included in these hobbies are the favorite shows or sports that we watch on the television.

DirecTV has a Sat-go system that can keep you connected, even when you are far out of reach of your usual home base.  Simply take along the Sat-go system to keep in touch with weather, NFL games or your favorite drama series.  Forget the satellite dish in this case, though, there's no need for it.

The system has a case that when folded open, forms the antenna for your signal.  Point it south, use the beeping signal to determine strength, and tune in!  Very simply process to gain your favorite shows on the run.  A headphone jack allows you to have private listening but you can also use the attached pair of 3-watt speakers if you want to share the joy.

You cannot purchase this online but you can call DirecTV and set up service rather quickly.

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