Aiptek For Notes

Need a quick solution for taking notes or displaying your graphic art?  The Aiptek My Note Premium Digital Notepad/Tablet is a good place to start.  A slim and trim way to carry around your important notes and convert them to digital format.

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This tablet gives you an 8 1/2 x 11" working area so that you're not too far out of your comfort zone when writing.  You simply write your notes on paper and it will store your notes in a digital format, without the use of a PC. 

With a 32 MB built-in memory, the tablet will store up to 100 pages of information so you aren't limited to space for some time.  If you take notes often, you can even add SD cards to expand the memory of this note-converting gadget.

Also has two handwriting functions, digital notepad and graphics tablet, allowing you more functionality when changing up your needs.  Costs around $150 and weighs a nice light 4 lbs., making this portable and affordable.  Seen recently at

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