Rich Ride for Toddlers

Kid Kustoms created this for the diva with children, this pimped out stroller has so many available features to keep your lovely bundle happy, and help you stay ahead of the Jones', in case that's your goal.  The stroller is luxurious but without the gems and flashy stones.  No, instead it offers an aircraft-inspired design for comfort and easy maneuvering.

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Not just the looks and feel but also the optional gadgets, make this a customized deal.  Customized to the seats (choose colors and stitch design with things like ostrich, alligator, or stingray materials), this stroller can also have additions like custom rims and tires.

High-tech diva, too?  Simply request the optional bluetooth speakerphone, caller ID, DVD player, or iPod docking station...or choose them all and stay connected while taking your precious baby shopping.

The Roddler certainly has functions that are desired by many, but at the $2,500 starting price tag, only the "rich kids" will get the joy of riding in this for the few years that it would be needed.  The site says it has retro inspired "Kustom" fenders with lights that are modeled after the 50's, Buicks, Cadillacs, Mercedes, Old's, Vicky's and many more.  Adding "tins and fins" to the stroller as well.


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