Internet Tablet

I started off with a desktop computer.  Then I opted to get a handheld to go with it at some point.  When that wasn't enough to keep all my data going as fast as I wanted, I finally got a notebook/laptop.  Now I'm keeping my eyes out for tablets.

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The Nokia 770 Internet Tablet is one that I've noticed.  Yes, cell phones might have made this a past-time for some, but I think the ease of use might win over some die-hard computer users that want something lighter than a laptop but easier to use than a keypad.

Features are Wi-Fi connection (you can use your phone, too) that allows you to tap into a broadband connection, a truly portable design for surfing the web, useful internet communications like IM and even calling, and high resolution wide-screen display.  The cell phone designers are trying every way to make the screens larger yet the phones still compact, this tablet allows for more intense computing and still succeeds in being compact.

You might look into the different models but the Nokia seems to boast quite a few options that keep me interested.  Visit the main site for specifications.  This one comes in at under $300.

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