Lenovo ThinkPads leather bound?

thinkpad-reserveLenovo's line of ThinkPad computers have always been synonymous with the business world, featuring men and women in power suits, toting a ThinkPad in one hand and a briefcase in another. Lenovo is currently drumming up interest in its line of ThinkPad notebooks by offering a teaser site that showcases the ThinkPad Reserve Edition notebook. While word from Lenovo regarding the specifications of the Reserve Edition is as scarce as finding a living specimen of a dinosaur, the entire website points the audience toward a leather clad notebook.

Some rumored specifications ought to accompany any impending hardware release and this is no different. The ThinkPad Reserve Edition will most likely feature a Santa Rosa Core 2 Duo processor from Intel, and that alone translates to a pretty impressive business machine. Do you like the smell of leather on your computer? I know that it adds an air of luxury to the entire setup, but I personally feel that computers get outdated too fast for anyone to appreciate it coming in cowhide.

Teaser site via Design Matters

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