Buckle Chuckle

I totally missed it, the moment game controllers became snazzy buckles.  Who would have thought your once loved NES, Atari, Genesis or SNES game controllers would make a great accesories? NES Buckle has an assortment of belts you can use to keep your trousers up. They also have a gallery of buckle fashionistas striking a pose all over the world. Users_alex_2


  1. J.W. Brakebill 21 February, 2006 at 07:02


    I was checking to see if my new site had ever been ranked by Google when I came across this older message from Mary Allen. So I followed the link.

    I am J.W. Brakebill, owner of the patented gag gift “Chuckle Buckle” that Ms. Allen heard about on the Bob & Tom Show back before Christmas.

    The site she is looking for is:




  2. Mary Frances Allen 15 January, 2006 at 05:33

    Came to your site as I had heard about some hilarious new gag gift on the Bob and Tom Show called The Chuckle Buckle.

    Did a Yahoo search for Chuckle Buckle and yours was the first site to come up, but I don’t see it offered here.

    Thanks anyhow,


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