iStyles late to 2007 Sleeve party


While the year 2007 is about to finish the first half and embark on the second half already, iStyles has just gotten its act together to offer more iPod sleeves for the 2007 iStyles Sleeve Collection that is more ambitious than last year's outing by offering iPod Sleeves which come in more exotic materials along with the inclusion of a functional multi-purpose slit pocket. There are only limited quantities available for each sleeve, and all of them are handmade from scratch, featuring specially selected premium materials on the outside and micro-fiber cloth on the inside for enhanced protection.

The idea of micro-fiber cloth within is pretty neat, since it polishes and cleans your iPod to a certain extent each time you insert or remove it from the case. The multi-purpose slit is used to carry a pair of headphones or other small objects of comparable size. Each 2007 iStyles Sleeve retails for $9.99.

Source: iLounge

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