MicroMemo for iPod Nano

XtremeMac has done it again with the Micromemo. This cool device attaches to the bottom on you 2nd generation iPod Nano to give you a portable recording studio. You can record lectures, meetings, anything you can think of, directly to you iPod. The microphone is also detachable where you can use other microphones with a 3.55mm-plug or even plug into your computer, or a soundboard. pb mmemo 01

While you are recording the audio, the iPod nano screen has a real-time audio displayed, plus it has a built in speaker for you to playback the audio with or without earphones.

Depending on the size of your iPod nano, you can record up to 51hours of audio at low quality (iPod nano 8GB) and up to 12hrs of high audio quality (iPod nano 8GB).

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