Schtickers bring touch of class to laptops


Laptops, just like iPods, require a certain degree of protection from everyday threats such as scratches and nicks. After all, they're pretty expensive purchases for those with extra disposable income, so it makes perfect sense to protect them at all costs. Schtickers, a company well known for manufacturing covers and skins for a wide range of consumer electronics, has now released a fancy cover that protects just the exterior of the laptop with suede.

Yes, suede, the soft material that exudes a sense of sexiness and charm. When you get sick of the current design or pattern, you can always remove it without leaving any stains on your laptop behind. Each piece has been trimmed to fit perfectly onto your laptop, leaving you with a truly unique piece of equipment. Give your beloved laptop an instant makeover with the $29.99 Ultrasuede cover. The only problem I can forsee is all the lint gathering on the Ultrasuede cover with time.

Source: Coolest Gadgets

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