Sunload Charger Bag loves sunlight


At the recent CeBIT 2007 event, Sunload released its Charger Bag that offers a green alternative to keeping your devices juiced up at all times. The Sunload Charger Bag comes with flexible solar panels located on the front, enabling you to hook up all the essential gadgets so that you can head outdoors without worrying about your cellphone or iPod running out of battery at the most crucial moments. An 8-cell Li-Ion battery inside the bag stores up the sun's energy, where it will then dispense this stored energy to your power hungry gadgets via a couple of USB ports.

Since the solar panels are flexible by nature, I am sure that handbags aren't the only items that can offer solar powered charging as Sunload engineers ought to think further on how to incorporate this idea into other everyday items. Word on pricing is still scant, although we do know the Sunload Charger Bag will be released just in time to take advantage of the summer sun.

Source: Gearfuse

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