Sensitive Shoes

Sensitiveshoesbox I have a lot of respect for women who wear high heels on a daily basis. Used to be that girl once, but now I only wear heeled boots that will actually hold the rest of my foot. I'm done trying to balance my body on a tiny little piece of wood. Steve McIntyre must've heard women complain one too many times about sore feet. His "Sensitive Shoes" actually stimulate pressure points as you walk, and even light up. Check them out.

"The intimate sensitive shoes' were designed by Steve McIntyre. As you walk pressure points are stimulated by pressing on a soft sensitive area that corresponds with various reflexology points causing a gentle glow from the underside of the sole. The ball of the foot touches on the solar plexus point, the center of emotional energy. The shoes offer an emotional 'bath of light' experience so that the act of walking is "healing"

The shoes have been created with the idea of "emotional wellbeing" throughout using various materials and idea's. The sole replicates the foot shape which gives an anatomical feel to the shoe.

The shoes were designed with the sole element as a replaceable component which could be changed easily by scanning the foot shape of the wearer. The shoe can only be worn by the fitted user, the implications of this are important within "emotional interactivity."

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