Kolor your world right

kolorwheelKoloroo has unveiled a couple of gizmos for all iPod owners, but it is the $7.99 KolorWheel that truly stands out among the two. This unique add-on is capable of providing you access to over thousands of scientifically formulated color schemes, enabling you to dress up in a much more presentable manner minus the garish color combinations you so love the next time you head out for an important social function.

Granted, most women already come with their color co-ordination system built in, but that trait is sadly lacking in most of the male species. Since most men love their gadgets and especially their shiny white iPods, it is a no-brainer to get them the KolorWheel as a present. After all, if it helps them dress up much better the next time both of you go out on the date, that is already $7.99 well spent.

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