Philips 598 for the Ladies


Philips has unleashed a cell phone that will cater to the ladies exclusively. The Philips 598 is a black clamshell phone with features like a women's diary and calender [whats so feminine about a calender/diary?..], buying list,  price table,  discount manager, personal card info, body weight index and BMR (basal metabolic rate) measurements. It also has the regular specs....1.3 mega pixel camera, 1.8" 262k color TFT display and Java support. I know one thing, ladies like a various colors. So Philips better be planning to dip this phone in pink too.

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  1. Pica 21 March, 2007 at 14:10

    [whats so feminine about a calender/diary?..]


    What’s so feminine about pink? Why all this sexist writing that anything with a rechargeable battery, a screen, and pink case will appeal to women?

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