Total Dork Speaker System

SafesoundNerd alert! Safe Sound Sports touts a new speaker system that wants to keep your jog-loving hiney aware of your surrounding ambient sounds. The SSPS-1 Speaker system clip onto your gym wear so you can keep those earbuds out of your ears (even if they're pretty), and on to more important things like creepy guys huffing and puffing behind, unsolicited cat calls, and the not-loud-enough traffic noise (guy honking to get your attention) around you. The speakers don't need batteries since they're powered by the iPod or MP3 player itself, which means you'll need to shorten your runs or carry extra gizmo juice. Of course, the speakers might keep you from getting hit by a car or bike, but they might not be so effective in warding off annoyed joggers who don't want to listen to your American Idol soundtrack. Available in silver and green, the speakers are $19.95. [Shiny Shiny via Engadget]

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