The Nano's New Clothes

Ibling_2 Sorry guys, I guess I go on these iPod bouts once in a while until I get burned out. Sometimes you just can't help it. This is the first pet-gadget we've had, and it seems we have more fun dressing it up than actually playing with it. Isn't that just weird? We have seen all the complaints going on in the blogosphere about how easily the Nano scratches. So before you put it in your purse, check out XtremeMac, who just released a whole new lineup of iPod Nano cases with bling. The iBing lets you create sparkling, interchangeable covers for your iPod Nano using colorful stones and a bit of creativity. It comes with 750 sparkling stones that you can glue directly onto a clear, snap-on shield. They give you 12 patterns you can use for guidance, but you can create your own design. I actually thought about this concept a few months ago, when I wanted to bling my iPod without putting glue on it. Who wants to spend $300 on an iPod, and then ruin it with glue, right? [iPodtitude]

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