Would You Like Some More Chocolate?

Hershey_pouch_1 The chocolate phones are really bad for your girly figure. Don't deny the fact that anytime they mention that Chocolate you either think of Hershey Kisses or a tasty candy bar (I'm so tempted to eat one as I write this). It was only a matter of time before LG would hook up with Hershey's Chocolate to make some delicious accessories for the LG Chocolate phone. All this Chocolate talk! First item on their agenda is a Hershey's Carrying Pouch with matching Hugs charms and strap. For $24.99 you get a pouch, and a coupons for free Special Dark chocolate bars. Yum! Is this available now? You betcha! Oh, and they also  make them for the RAZR, KRZR and other models.

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