The Slanket Experience

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I'm in the middle of my personal "Slanket Experience" but I have to take a quick break and let others know how much I love my Slanket.  Let me tell you this, though, it's NOT a blanket.  It's NOT a poncho, either.

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No, this is a blanket fitted with large cuffed sleeves that hug your arms in warmth but still allow you to work on your laptop or other activities.  You lay down and cover up...then you can choose to put your arms through the large sleeves so that you can function.

I live in Colorado and many evenings our house gets just a smidge chilly when I sit by the windows.  This lovely Slanket of a product has completely eliminated my chilly moments and has actually taken the place of my favorite blanket that I used to have on my couch.

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Comes in a great size: 60" W x 100" L with 13" wide sleeves

I have been joking with family when they call or come into the room that I'm "having a Slanket experience, don't interrupt" and it has become a household word.  I think I've talked a few family members into considering a purchase over at the Slanket site and I look forward to seeing what colors they choose.  I'm enjoying a "Castlerock" grey Slanket but they come in five colors.

Machine wash in cold and tumble dry in low heat and you can clean up your Slanket for further use.  Now, I'm going to go back to my Slanket and experience the new found warmth while I surf.

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