Offensive USB Toys?

Folks, the USB toy craze has completely crossed-over from utterly ridiculous to completely disturbing. Is a USB Humping Dog really necessary? The Google Japanese to English translation says, "When Humping Dog of dog type it equips the USB connector between the crotch, inserts in the USB port [kakukaku] and the waist are moved, until (it pulls out, it does not stop)." Yeah, just what everyone needs, a humping dog that won't stop humping your PC, classic.

Mspoledancer101206_228x431And what's with the USB Pole Dancer everyone's talking about today? 

While it may take more than a dancing Barbie wannabe to offend me, angry shoppers in the UK demanded that Marks & Spencer remove the pole dancing blonde from store shelves. I can see how this would upset shoppers, but I think taking it off shelves is extreme. If people want to buy it, then they should be able to buy one. I don't know what kind of store is Marks & Spencer, but if they sold them in our Spencer's stores stateside, would you buy one? And which one is more offensive? A humping dog or USB pole dancer?

The "USB pole dancer" is designed to be plugged into any personal computer and comes complete with her own silver pole to dance around, as well as multi-coloured lights and disco music to "recreate an authentic nightclub atmosphere".

Once she is switched on she goes through a gyrating routine with the help of a pre-installed backing track.


  1. Charles Everwood 19 October, 2007 at 06:36

    Ok, you indicated where we can buy the pole dancer, but more importantly, where can we buy the humping dogs?

  2. Cherry 13 December, 2006 at 03:09

    In reply to you question about what kind of shop Marks and Spencer is – Its a posh hauty tauty shop that markets mostly to grannies but have great (although expensive!) buns and biscuits! In saying that they have been trying to pull their image back somewhat with a new “younger” clothing range and now the pole dancing transvestite-style barbie!

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