Google Ambient Clock

Now this is quite interesting if you really think about ambient clock that doesn't really "tell time" or show you things with words...but it uses a code setup to keep your day scheduled.  One design does have an option for a two line text at the bottom that displays your schedule.  287686096 da3b4934e8 m

Get this, the clock synchs up with your Google calendar and then will look at, say, a meeting you have scheduled.  That meeting is 5 mins. away, according to Google maps, so it will put dots for the 5 min. drive and then show that you have a meeting (using blocks in that time slot).  Also, the color of the clock changes with your schedule.  If you are mid-relaxation it will be a cool blue color instead of the brighter orange it turns when mid-meeting/activity.

Not built to replace a PDA or clock but instead built to make it easier, at a glance, to find out your day and what work-load you have scheduled.  Using no cables, only the Ambient's nationwide wireless network, makes this baby easy to pack up and take with you on out of town trips as well.

They are asking you test it out on your Google homepage and visit this site to do so.  An excellent concept but one that certainly needs beta testing before production of the actual product.

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