Portable Printer in a "Lunch Box"


Epson in Japan partnered with Industrial Facility to give those boring old portable printers a new look! Perhaps they are feeling the slump in sales because inkjet is just getting too expensive. Whatever the reason, these new printers caught my eye, inkjet or not, they look goo-ood! It feels like the offspring of a marriage between a printer and a lunchbox, but this can be a positive thing: nobody will guess you are carrying around a printer inside that shell.

The tough looking exterior represents what the printer itself is supposed to be capable of: it is built in with a 2 or 2.5inch preview display, an IR port and it can run on batteries if you are not around an outlet.

This portable printer is all about multitasking: the lid doubles as a paper tray and you can upgrade it to make it blue tooth connectable.

For now these printers, called "Colorio" are available from the Epson Japan website, but who knows when these printer-turned-lunch-boxes will pop up on our desks.

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