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What's happening Techie Diva readers? I know you have dreams of becoming a famous podcaster or videocaster, and this is your chance to do it on Techie Diva. Put your creativity to work by submitting your own podcast right here. If you have something to say about your new iPod, your high-def TiVO or pet robot, simply click on the Odeo banner above, plug-in your microphone, and tell us what you think. You can also submit questions for advice, or recommendations on new products you spot first. If your message is selected, it will be get some airtime on this blog, and maybe even a fan following. More details after the  jump....

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Once you submit your quick podcast review, I will get it in my inbox. Please include your email address in the comments section in case I have some questions for you. I will let you know when your podcast will go live.

Include the following info in the comments section and in the podcast:

1. Details of the product, where you found it, how much it is, and a website address.
2. Your blog url if you have one.
3. Your name or nickname.

Please no profanity, keep it clean. Be creative!

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