Rip YouTube Videos

Tubesock_1 For those of you who have explored the world of YouTube,  you know how strangely fascinating those random blips of people’s lives can be or just how joyful you feel after the shove down Memory Lane brought on by that obscure clip from your favorite childhood TV show (Muppet Show, anyone?).  Do you ever think to yourself, “It sure would be nice to have this on my iPod to view later...”  Well, look no further than TubeSock, a downloadable application with an oh-so-clever name that will convert your favorite YouTube videos and render them playable on your iPod, Mac, or PlayStation Portable.  It’s simple and easy to use; just copy and paste the URL of your favorite clip into the application, convert and voila! Your video is available on your favorite portable device or if you don’t yet own a video iPod, save it onto your Mac for later viewing.   Check website for more details.

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