PC Mag's Top 99 Undiscovered Sites

UndiscoveredPC Magazine has published a list of its Top 99 Undiscovered Web Sites, sharing with us their favorite "cool sites you'd never find on your own." We all love discovering new things, don't we? So check it out! These sites are still flying under the radar, they say, but interesting enough to enter the public's consciousness. The surprisingly good news, is that we made on the list! Yay! We are raw undiscovered material, which means the best is yet to come. We've had so much support from all of you guys visiting the site on a daily basis, and those linking to us and spreading the word about our mere existence on the overcrowded information highway. We totally think you guys rock, and we are nothing but digital particles if it weren't for you. Wanna hug it out? Is this the year of the Underdog? You bet your arse it is!

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