Aromatherapy Pens

AromatherapyjewelpensGadget Chick has discovered these colorful aromatherapy pens that come loaded with lovely scents of lavender, mint, rose, eucalyptus, and orange blossom.  Too bad I don't use pens as often as I should, since they have been totally replaced by the digital ink that goes on all my email correspondence--and thank goodness for that! Wait a there an aromatherapy keyboard out there I don't know about? Somebody enlighten me here! You can find them at for about $50.00.

Caterpillar_keyboard_cushion Check out the Green Caterpillar Keyboard Cushion too. It is cute!

"Cute handmade furry green caterpillar keyboard cushion. Comes with removable fabric leaf, so you can feed your caterpillar when he's hungry. Perfect way to brighten up your cubical at work or your desk at home. 16 inches long."

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