Nippy Warmers

899I'm sorry, but I could not stop laughing after seeing these "nipple warmers" and so I had to share.  What are they thinking?  I don't see how these can make anyone "feel luxurious". They look more like un-natural hair growth. But apparently, Playboy featured them in their magazine a few years ago.  I guess Playbunnies got it all wrong in this photo, because they are supposed to be worn furry-side facing towards your body to warm your sensitive anatomy, and overcome embarrassing "show throughs".

"Possum fur nipple warmers are new, fun, and functional. Great for cushioning your nipples by placing inside your bra, protecting from cold and excessive "show through". No more embarrassing pointers on nippy mornings. Great comfort for breastfeeders with tender nipples. The fur the brushtail possum is luxurious and plush like mink - (no relation to USA possums)."

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