MP3 Player Case

Here is yet another iPod case to join a gazillion others that have already been released to date. I think this is one of the most profitable lines of accessories ever, and this time the MP3 Player Case fits your iPod (and other MP3/PMPs as long as they are small enough to fit in) snugly within, boasting a variety of bright shades for you to choose from. Constructed from stainless steel hardware, you get an external headphone jack to listen to your player which is protected within, although you do lose the ability to control which song you want to listen to without opening up the MP3 Player Case. The included earphones are water resistant, but I guess this works only in a drizzle and is not meant for you to take it on your diving expeditions. The MP3 Player Case retails for $45 each.

Source: Gizmodiva

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