Hello, Kitty Cellphone Style

The BenQ-Siemens AL26 Hello Kitty Phone is on its way THIS month.216562680 d1ff0bbf35 m

I love pink and this phone not only comes with the natural charm of a Hello Kitty graphic and coloring, but it also includes a charm that makes it all the more cute.  A fashion accessory for the Hello Kitty collector...or a sweet change from the usual pink Razr.  (everyone has one of those, right?)

A shimmering metallic pink color, a picture of Hello Kitty on the front, the pretty script of 'Hello Kitty' just above the controls and the reliability of a Siemens phone--what more could you ask for? 

Try additional features like a four-way controller to ease the use of the menu.  Also, the large color display (TFT 130x130) and the 32 chord ringtones to snazz things up.  How about the included wallpapers, ringers and "Hello Kitty" pre-installed mobile games?

Each of the features mentioned will only make this phone perfect not only for the collector of Hello Kitty items, but for the fashionable girl that wants something a little different. 

Available August, 2006. 
Photo and source.

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