iCrib for Happy Babies

You know you love iPod accessories, and your munchkins will love this new iCrib too. Munchkin makes this clever iPod sound system that safely attaches to a baby's crib so you can start training his brain with some classical music (or is it classic rock?) and whatever else you play to put that cute baby to sleep--I'm guessing you make him/her their own baby podcasts? Munchkin has plenty of iCribs for grumpy babies who are no longer satisfied with sharing your little iPod Nano. Don't you know they now want their iPod these days? IcribGosh! Icrib_inuse_hero_lg

Munchkin (www.munchkin.com) -- maker of clever baby and toddler products -- introduces a cool, new product called the iCrib sound system (SRP $29.99) that safely attaches to a baby's crib. The iCrib is the latest iPod and mp3-accomodable technology for babies that helps parents soothe their infant to sleep with custom lullabies or sounds and soft-colored nightlight. Parents can select the perfect mix of songs from two albums of Mozart favorites arranged by a leading neurobiologist and Grammy Award-winning musician on the Munchkin website and download them for free.

The iCrib was named the ‘Most Innovative’ new product at the International Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) Show in May 2006. Since its inception in 1991, Munchkin. Inc. has set the standard for product innovation in the baby product category by keeping to its mission of ridding the world of mundane products.

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