Press, Play, Select Baby’s Gender

Genselect2_smallYes, pregnancy seems to have gone high-tech. GenSelect is a product that allows you to select the gender of your baby. Once you are pregnant there is nothing you can do to change its gender, so the idea is to use this product as you are trying to
conceive. Technology fans who truly want to remote control everything about their lives will probably like this product. Or it may be a solution for those who have had seven girls and are still trying for a boy… Regardless of what your reasons are, GenSelect has formulated gender specific neutriceutical supplements that are supposed to create a biological bias towards the gender of your choice. They do this by combining vitamins and herbal extracts to increase
the chances of your techno egg attracting the right sperm cell to produce the baby you want. I sincerely doubt this is fool proof, but GenSelect seems fairly confident about this invention, they better be when they are charging $439.00 for a kit! Now we can control our child’s gender with an elaborate kit, I’m just waiting for them to develop a remote control that controls gender, and throws in your preferred hair and eye color as well. Who knows, the sky’s the limit. For now, you can ‘adjust’ your vaginal environment (according to GenSelect!) so you can conceive your baby, who’s gender you are also ‘selecting’.


  1. Sharon 16 May, 2007 at 16:49

    Victoria Beckham is on the same baby girl diet I am on too. It is a 14 day meal plan program specifically formulated to create a baby girl (or boy) depending on the meal plan. I got it at :

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