Nike + iPod nano & Hack

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Well Nike and Apple teamed up and developed a new device that records every step while you run!!  You can still listen to music too!!!  Pretty sweet!! Check it out $29 (Read Techie Diva Review)

The device is put under your sole of the specially made Nike shoe and every step you take is recorded onto your ipod nano wirelessly. Then you can upload all your stats of your run, and check out your goals and more!!

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The only thing that isn't nice about this, is that you have to buy the device & the special Nike shoe!!! So you will probably spend around $100..

Thanks to the help of I found out a hack for the Nike + iPod nano so you can use this new device on any shoe!!!!

Basically this guy sewed a velcro strip on the tongue of his shoe and glued the other vellcro strip to back of the ipod/nike device. Then he attached the device and secured it with his shoe lace (see picture below) And it worked!!! So he can record all his runs and still use the normal running shoes that he loves!!

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  1. Jason 22 September, 2007 at 12:21

    I just got a new pair of Asics GT-2120’s and searched all over the internet…. I just can’t get into putting something on the top of my shoe. I got up the nerve, grabbed a utility knife and started surgery on the sole of the shoe. I would not recommend for the faint of heart, but in the end I made it fit and it works perfectly… and nothing on the top of your shoe that looks like an add on. Just be patient- and be careful not to cut too deep, I just about cut to the bottom of the sole. If you’re careful, you can do it.

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