Women, Minority Gamers Get No Respect!

PspadsWomen gamers just don't get any respect. In a world where women account for more than 42% of online gamers, why do they have to resort to a male voice changer to play with the boys? Michael McWhertor, a writer over at Kotaku writes the following on a blog post: "So, you girls want to come into our boys club and play our video games. Fine. A lot of us like girls. But you've got to understand our natural instinct to harass you over the internet at the slightest hint that you might be the bearer of actual breasts...Read Story


  1. sHaYtAn 8 June, 2007 at 10:00

    Shay: Being a female hardcore gamer myself, it’s frusterating to hear about my fellow female gamers being treated like they are lower on the cyber food chain because we happen to have something most males lack: a brain! Now that’s not saying that there aren’t awesome gamer guys who are more than happy to just chill and game with a girl without outright insulting her for being a women. A lot of the time I see girl gamers who can wipe the board with these egotistical jerks who think because they have a penis and 100+ hours spent playing MMO that they can push around chicks of the gaming world. This crap should be stopped and the immature male gamers who decide to bother the portion of hardcore kick ass gaming chickas well… needless to say that shooting them with my Lancer in a playful round of Gears of War online would be GREAT fun!

  2. Avatar of techiediva
    Gina Hughes 14 July, 2006 at 14:28

    Neil: The reason that image is up is because the article talks about women and other minorities’ frustrations being overlooked. At the end of the complete article I mentioned the insensitivity of the Sony ad towards people of color. I’m a minority (Hispanic woman) and I am very sensitive about those issues. If the picture wasn’t relevant to the story, I wouldn’t have used it. 😉

  3. Neil 14 July, 2006 at 06:52

    Saying that 42% of online gamers are females is somewhat disingenuous, as the majority of those females are playing very simple games like bejeweled and hearts and other simple flash based games….I’m fairly positive females playing those games get very little (aka NO) harassment from ANYONE.

  4. Neil 13 July, 2006 at 19:30

    Why would you use that PSP ad image that clearly has racist overtones? I would have thought techiediva.com would be more sensitive to people of all backgrounds seeing as how you have so many different races working here.

  5. stephi 12 July, 2006 at 07:49

    If you’ve played counterstrike, as mentioned in kotaku’s article, you will notice that women are no where near 42% of gamers. It’s more like 5%.

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