Dell Gaming Notebook

Trying to stay in the game, Dell has recently released a gaming notebook to rival some of the systems out there that boast speedy processing and high-end video cards.

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Allowing many upgrade choices when ordering, this notebook has options some only dream about.  Choose from 1, 2 or as high as 4 gigs of RAM to give you an incredible choice for speedy visuals.  Get rid of the lagtime you currently have and be at the top of your game!  This notebook is specifically designed for gamers.

Dual-core processors and NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GS (256MB included but upgradable to 512MB) makes this notebook even more appealing.  Not only is it impressively designed133878522 36b7e5fb9a m and appealing to the eyes, it takes you to the speeds you want to go.

Claiming Vista capability makes this notebook seem even more futuristic.  Photo editing, video management, and many other jobs could be done quickly and easily on this system.  17" widescreen display makes anything you do look good and the claim of 30% brighter and 10% sharper displays is just icing on the cake.

Comes in black or for a limited time, metallic red.  I have to say the metallic red looks faster to me.  I'd have to opt for that color when ordering.  Visit the specs. page for more detailed choices on this notebook.  Built for gamers but don't limit yourself.

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