Motorola Challenges Students to Recycle

I have to highlight this program because I love what it's doing for the enviroment, recycling education and schools. Motorola is challenging the young'uns to earn their schools up to $21,000 by conducting a Race to Recycle program in the community. The idea is to motivate students K-12 to organize "cellphone drives" that earn them $3 per phone recycled. Motorola will take phones of any brand in fair condition, and then either refurbish them or recycle them.

" Phones that have value will be resold. The
resold phones fund the payment to the schools." 

The $3 per phone payment is guaranteed through May 31st, 2006, after that rates may change. I hope Motorola keeps this program going because it's a great way to teach kids the importance of recycling. If you want to participate in this program, but don't know where to donate you phone, check out this page. I wish Motorola had a list of participating schools where we could all drop off those unused phones. If anyone knows of any schools, post it below in comments. This way we can all help schools get some new supplies and of course help the environment.

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