A Place For all Your Gear

Urban Tool offers an iShirt, which of course would hold an iPod or mobile phone. The shirt has a loop by the neck area to keep your wires tiddy. It's available in black, orange or white. The company also sells a basicHolster for the travelling technophile. It has plenty of pockets to hold your PDA, mobile, iPod, and even keys. In a perfect world this would be a nice purse replacement, too bad these days it only makes you an easy target for gadget snatcheBasicholsterrs. Ipodshirt2[Designspotter]


  1. TecnoCHICA 13 April, 2006 at 20:13

    Un lugar para todos tus gadgets

    The URBAN TOOL hipHolster es un accesorio que toda TecnoCHICA a la moda debiera considerar, es una especie de contenedor que usas sobre la ropa y tiene suficiente espacio para portar todos esos artilugios (iPod, móvil, PDA, cámara) sin…

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