Germ Fighting Mittens

MitsTrain commuters, do yourself a favor when riding in public transportation, and get some antimicrobial gloves. I always feel dirty after riding the train, and I have good reason to. Nasty germs are lurking on every touchable surface. The NY Daily News found skin infections and feces at the ticket machines, plus Toxic Shock Syndrome, E.Coli, and Meningitis on the trains. Urrgh! That's pretty revolting. You probably already knew this, so take this as a reminder. Why haven't you heard of antimicrobial gloves?  Well, it's the new thing in fighting grime. City Mitts are made of antimicrobial microfiber embedded with silver ions, inside and out, that prevent the growth of bacteria. They have slip-resistant decals that grip onto cell phones, metal, glass and credit cards. They are also machine washable, and will cost you about $20.00. (Delightful Blogs)


  1. Gizmodo 4 April, 2006 at 07:42

    City Mitts Antimicrobial Gloves for the Subway

    Are you so grossed out by the thought of touching anything in the subway that you just stand in the middle of the car with your legs spread out, hoping you don’t fall over? If you’re one of the…

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