For Tiny Fashionista Ears

Bluespoon AX2 is probably one of the most fashionable bluetooth headsets I've seen of it's kind. It reminds me of Motorola's H5 Miniblue because it is very discrete, and fits right in your ear without making you look silly. These headsets are tiny,  work with any bluetooth enabled handset, and even have a neck-strap so you can carry it around your neck. Pictured is the Bluespoon AX in every color you may want, and they just released and new an improved AX2 which is only available in black, bummer.


  1. Pica 10 February, 2006 at 09:36

    Great colors, but I still think all of those earpieces make one look like a kid with a Lt. Uhura fetish at a Star Trek convention.

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