Switch: DIY Show for Techie Divas

Switch Do you love fashion and tech? We do! That's why we write about it, and now you can create some geeky fashion yourself thanks to an online-vlog called Switch.  Leslie Katz over at Cnet found this "online do-it-yourself show for girls that teaches how to use everyday objects to make accessories and apparel that embed technology. " You can watch pilot Episode 1 with guest star Diana Eng, contestant of Bravo's Project Runway, and if you like it let the producers know. We want to see these gals come up with some crafty stuff like the "Talking Frame" with a small  iPodesque-case they created out of a dental floss container for a voice recording/playback module. Subscribe to their feed, load it to your iPod, and send us pictures of your latest creations.

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