M-Couture Cases for you Fashionable Ladies!

Zoo_packs Still fighting with your purse every time your phone rings? Yep, we've all been there. The phone rings, and you have to dig, dig, dig until the phone stops ringing, then you're accused of being a negligent friend, or being a call screener. Mobile Chaos' M-Couture line has an array of fashionable phone holsters that can clip to your belt, handbag or you can wear them around your wrist. We got a few to check out, and we loved them!

Find out how you can win one! More after the jump....

They are fashionable, fun and functional, and you get to answer all your calls in a timely manner. Also, if you hate taking your handbag when you go out with your girlfriends, they have the glamourous PM Case, a beautiful rhinstone covered case that holds your credit card, ID, and phone, so you don't look so awkard dancing around with your big handbag. The M-Couture line just hit national carriers like Verizon Wireless, US Cellular and Cricket Communications.

We want you to look fashionable this new year, so we are giving a few away,  to enter just send us an email  and we will randomly pick the lucky winners. Good Luck!


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