A Girl's Guide to Must-Have Gadgets

LamourChristmas is right around the corner, have you worked on your Xmas-list yet? If you don't want to end up returning your gifts the next day, you better get to work on that gear-list. This year, I decided to make my list which includes a second laptop, preferably an ultra-portable laptop (haven't decided which one yet, but I want something that weighs 2-3 lbs), Sirus radio and GPS for my car, a new phone, and other more "wearable stuff". While I won't be getting everything on my list, I know that if I get 2-3 items listed, I will be very happy. In the past I left it up to them to decided, and well, let's just say that I appear to be thinner than I really am or vice versa.  So I compiled a list of "Must have" gadgets we have featured here on Techie Diva over at Project Du, check it out. If you haven't been over to Project DU, you are missing out on some of the best blogs around that include Go Fug Yourself, Popbytes, Chip Chick, Jossip and Sterogum.

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