GeekGorgeous 2006 Calendar

LilacLilac Mohr, a Senior Java Developer, produced the Geek Gorgeous Calendar to show the world that women in computers and engineering fields can be both beautiful and intelligent.  She posted an ad on Craigslist, and was overwhelmed by the response she got of women who wanted to be part of the project.  The calendar has a dual purpose: One was to shed the "computer nerd" sterotype and to encourage young women to pursue careers in the computer industry by starting a scholarship fund  from calendar sales. The calendar includes each model's technical skills, hobbies and personality.  Product Page

Have the girls gone too far with the racy pictures? This is what Liliac had to say:

"When I started this project my biggest concern was objectifying the women - I kept reiterating that I did not want the poses or attire to mimic the types of images found in Maxim magazine. What I found out, is that the models themselves wanted to show off their sexy sides - they didn't view this as a step back for women, but as a form of empowerment and just something fun they could look back on in time and be proud of. These women obviously don't go to their jobs wearing halter tops made of ethernet cable - the photographs in the calendar are supposed to be unique and playful."

Tell us what you think? 

Would you buy one in support of this cause? Why or Why not?

Would you buy a New York Firefighter Calendar?
Is this a case of double-standards?


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