Heated Bathrobe Stand

Robe_1 I have noticed an abundance of devices that offer to heat up your towels and your bathrobe for those chilly mornings. I hate cold weather, more than I hate waking up early. Combine those two things, and you'll surely ruin my day. I think I might add this electric heating frame stand to my Christmas list.  Product Page $79.95

An electric heating element encosed in an enamel tube frame heats up to 115 F, and the stand is shaped to provide maximum warmth distribution throughout a robe, eliminating cool spots. It can also be used to warm towels, or to gently dry wet bathing suits or delicate lingerie. The stand accommodates men’s or women’s robes up to size XXL, and all tubing is seamlessly hand-welded. Plugs into AC. 65" H x 19" W x 17" D. (12 lbs.)

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