The world's smallest amplifier

Upbeat_revolutionipodnanoblack When listening to your digital music, do you wish the sound was a bit more amplified? I do, specially when I am at the gym, or when trying to overcome certain noise (i.e. co-workers chatting on the phone). Enter the  smallest portable amplifier, (or so it claims to be) the Boostaroo Revolution. This pocket-sized audio amplifier quadruples the volume, and images high-definition 3-channel surround sound. It powers any portable player, DVD, CD, satellite radio, laptops and anything else that has a headphone jack. The tiny amplifier weighs six ounces, and is the size of a disposable lighter. A tab and mounting hole allows users to attach it to a belt, key chain, or wear it around their neck. It also features a dual mini-stereo port that allows two listeners to blast some headbanger tunes at the same time. Sounds pretty cool, but you will need to shell out $79.95 to enjoy some surround sound on that PSP.

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