Imagining Vespa Fashion

  Piaggio USA, the maker of the the legendary Vespa scooter challenged students at Parsons School of Design to re-imagine the icon of modern Italian style and update it for American motorists of a new century. Students in the Fashion, Design and Technology programs created new concepts for a Vespa Lifestyle collection that would include wearable technology, accessories and even new scooter features. 

Beat Bods
Some very interesting concepts came about like the Beat Pods, speakers shaped like oversize ear buds conected by a cord that easily wraps around the user's neck so they can share music with others while walking down the street. Beatpods

Friendlocatorwatch_1Friend Locator Watch
This watch is embedded with GPS technology and a LED Screen to locate friends.

Ledmessenger_1LED Messaging
This bag has a programmable LED screen on the back of the bag that allows you to create messages to communicate emotions, turn signals and other messages. The screen is controlled through a separate and easily accessible source pack.


  1. cat 17 August, 2005 at 23:41

    oooh! i wouldn’t mind the beat bods… though some might find it a bit weird, if you walk around with some snake like thing hanging round you neck…
    the friend locator watch is a good idea, but the only problem is, that your friend has to have one and always wear it..
    i don’t quite get what the led messaging bag is for. it’s basically just useless, but looks cool! 🙂

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